SOQL Studio v2018.2 Released

Today we released a major update to SOQL Studio.  Version 2018.2 is the most significant update to SOQL Studio since it was first released, featuring multiple usability enhancements, new functions, performance improvements and bug fixes.  Several of the enhancements included in this release are the direct result of customer feedback.


  • Dramatically improved export performance. Very large exports that previously took over 45 minutes to complete now take less than a minute.  Most exports are now nearly instantaneous
  • Added a Quick Export function that provides a single-click export experience. Quick exports are configured using the Export defaults defined in the application’s Export Options.  The only user input required is for the name of the output file
  • Added an option to bypass the Export Wizard’s Welcome page.  Check the box on the Welcome page that instructs the wizard to skip it and you’ll never see it again.  To re-enable the welcome page, simply click the “Back” button on the “Step 1” page and uncheck to option to skip
  • Updated how default export filenames and worksheet names are determined. When exporting to an Excel workbook, the worksheet tab name defaults to the name of the query’s main object while the workbook name defaults to the name of the SOQL document.  When exporting to any other target, the output filename defaults to the name of the SOQL document, if the document is named, or the name of the query’s main object
  • Enhanced control over the formatting of data when exporting. You can now choose to from three options – Pretty, Windows, and None.  ‘Pretty’ formats numeric types with data-type specific, culture-aware punctuation, for example $1,000.00 or 25%.  Date/time types are formatted in the current time zone.  ‘Windows’ formatting exports like Pretty format but without the punctuation.  ‘None’ exports the data formatted exactly as it was returned by Salesforce
  • Removed the “Format as Displayed” option form the Export Wizard and Export Options. This was replaced by the new, expanded formatting option
  • Added the ability to control SOQL statement case correction in the SOQL editor. You now have the ability to turn this feature on/off and configure the type of correction that’s applied.  Options include Uppercase, Lowercase, and Title Case
  • Updated the case correction feature to apply the current case correction configuration when a SOQL document is loaded
  • Added the following keyboard shortcuts to provide quick access to common functions within the application:
    • F5 – Execute
    • Alt-F5 – Execute All
    • Ctrl-F – Quick Find
    • Ctrl-H – Find & Replace
    • Ctrl-S – Save
    • F1 – Help
    • Ctrl-E – Export
    • Ctrl-Q – Quick Export
  • Enhanced the “Browse <sObject>” function from the Organizations tool window’s context menu
    • Added an option to turn off automatic execution of the generated SOQL query. With the option turned off, you will have the opportunity to modified the generated SOQL before executing it
    • Updated the context menu text to indicate if the Query would be executed (Auto execution) or just generated (Auto execution turned off). Also added text that specifies the limit clause that will be generated, if any
    • Changed the format of the generated SOQL query to put each column on its own line, making it easier to read and modify
  • Improved handling of the recent documents menu to prevent duplicate entries
  • Added support for Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803).  The April 2018 Update changed how the TLS version used in creating a secure connection is determined.  Prior versions of SOQL Studio are not compatible with this change and would fail to create a secure channel when connecting to Salesforce.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the application to crash when started with a SOQL Document
  • Fixed an issue that prevented query results from being rendered when the query contained a field from child-parent relationship more than three levels deep
  • Fixed an issue that could cause result columns to be presented in a different order than they were specified in the SOQL query’s Select clause
  • Corrected the display of sObject names in the Organizations tool window’s context menu

You can get more details about the export enhancements in our SOQL Studio Export Enhancements post. Learn more about SOQL Studio by visiting our website.

Start your 30-day free trial of SOQL Studio 2018.2 today!  Current customers with an active maintenance contract are entitled to a free upgrade.  Login to you account, go to Downloads & Licenses and click the “Request Upgrade” button.