SOQL Studio 2021 Preview

In my last post, I announced that SOQL Studio would provide full support for OAuth in the upcoming SOQL Studio 2021.1 release. This is a huge enhancement that will provide significant value for our current and future customers. In this post, I’m going to talk about some of the other very cool new features that will debut in the 2021.1 release that I think you’ll love.

A Revised Editor Experience

Many Salesforce devs and admins come from a SQL background and used tools like SQL Server Management Studio where the query and results are visible in a split-window style rather than the separate query and results tab style that SOQL Studio uses. Our intention in the tab design was to provide as much real estate as possible for visualizing results. But often the query results aren’t that large and switching back and forth between the results tab and query tab gets old. In fact, we’ve received feedback to that very point. That all changes with the 2021 release. Introducing SOQL Studio’s split mode editor:

The SOQL Editor in Split Mode

Initially, the query pane fills the editor window. When the query is executed, the window “splits” and the results appear in the bottom pane. The split is resizable so depending upon your focus, you can give more space to either the results or the query itself. But this isn’t all. You can switch back and forth between split mode and tabbed mode on-the-fly, giving you the ultimate flexibility to view and edit based upon your needs at the moment. Of course, SOQL Studio supports setting your default preference for the editor configuration. Out of the box, the default is set to Tabbed Mode, in keeping with the style of previous versions.

Print your Explain

SOQL Studio 2020 added support for the Tooling API and its Explain functionality. Now, with SOQL Studio 2021 we’ve enhanced that capability providing you with the ability to print the Explain results.

Explain Print Preview

Cancel a Running Query and More

Since the initial release, SOQL Studio has provided a way to cancel a running query. But let’s face it, it didn’t work that well. Depending upon the query, it could take over a minute to cancel. Not anymore. When you click the Cancel button, it’s cancelled immediately, every time.

There are still more enhancements and several fixes included in the 2021 release, but I’m saving those details for the formal release announcement. Suffice it say, the 2021 release, due out in March, is chock-full of stuff that you are going to love.

More Information

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