SOQL Studio 2021 – The Schema Filter

How many times have you had to search for a field because the API Name and the field Label were totally different or you knew part of the field’s name but couldn’t remember the whole thing? Maybe you just needed to get an idea of the objects that have a particular data point like Product, for example. If you work with a large org or even a mature org that has gone through years of refinement and change, chances are you’ve found yourself in this situation more than once. I know I have.

The next release of SOQL Studio, version 2021.2, will include a schema filter in the Organizations tool window that will help solve these problems.

Organization Tool Window Filtered for “prod”

The filter works in real-time, as you type. It compares the filter term entered to the API Name and Label of every field and object in Orgs with an open, active connection, filtering out fields and objects that don’t meet the filter criteria. What remains is everything that contains the entered string and their ancestors, regardless of if they meet the filter requirement. Looking at the screen shot above, you can see that the StockKeepingUnit field was included because its label “Product SKU” contains the filter term “prod”. Its ancestors, the Asset object and the containing organization “Visual Software Systems” were included, even though they did not satisfy the filter because one of their descendants did. Related objects also get filtered. In this example, the Product2Id field references the Product2 object and that object contains fields that match the filter term, so it’s also included.

This dynamic filtering is super-fast, with zero lag time. Clear the filter by clicking the button at the far right of the search term field or delete the field contents manually. This restores the full Organizations tool window display.


Org filtering will be a very useful tool for SOQL Studio users, providing a fast, efficient way to find fields in the schema. But there’s still more to enjoy in this release, and I’ll get into some of that in my next post. For now, I just wanted to preview this feature that’ll be coming to SOQL Studio later this summer.

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