SOQL Studio v2021.2 Build 293 Maintenance Release

A new maintenance release of SOQL Studio, version 2021.2.293, is now available. This release contains several minor enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Changed the way Orgs are loaded to “load on demand” as the default load method (pre v2021.2 behavior). Orgs will automatically load fully when a filtering operation is started
  • Added the option to fully load Orgs on first connect (v2021.2 build 292)
  • Upgraded to Winter ’22 release of the Salesforce API (API v53)
  • Relabeled Two Factor Authentication (TFA) to Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to stay current with Salesforce terminology
  • Enabled dynamic api version fallback when connecting to an Org that has not been upgraded to the latest Salesforce release supported by SOQL Studio
  • Enhanced the Line Highlighting color selection dialog in Options to immediately update open SOQL Editors with the new choice

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that under certain circumstances caused the app to terminate unexpectedly when scrolling through a result set that contained a ComplexValue column
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Day_Only SOQL function from being highlighted


While this is relatively small maintenance release, there is one item that may be of particular interest: the change in the methodology for loading Orgs. Originally, SOQL Studio used a “load on demand” approach to loading all of an Org’s sobjects’ details. On first connect, SOQL Studio would retrieve the list of sobjects but none of the details. When a particular sobject’s details (e.g. columns list, etc) were needed, SOQL Studio would retrieve that from Salesforce. This was a very efficient and quick load methodology. We changed it when we introduced related object drill down and Org filtering in the last major release to fully load the entire org on connect. This worked well for smaller orgs, taking only a 10-20 additional seconds to complete the load. The problem arose when working with a large org. It could take over a minute to fully load. So we reworked related object drill down to “load on demand” as you drill down and Org filtering to fully load connected orgs when a filtering operation was initiated.

We also added a configuration option, “Fully load on first connect”, that controls this behavior. It’s turned off by default so SOQL Studio will “load on demand”. When enabled, orgs will fully load when the first connection to Salesforce is made.

More Information

To learn more about SOQL Studio, visit our website.  If you’ve never tried SOQL Studio, or tried an older version, we encourage you to start a 30-day free trial of SOQL Studio 2021.2 today!

Free Upgrade

Current customers with an active maintenance contract are entitled to a free upgrade.  Login to you account, go to Downloads & Licenses and click the “Request Upgrade” button.  You’ll be emailed a new license for version 2021.2 and you can download the new package right from there.