Themes for SOQL Studio have been on the back burner since its inception. It was one of those features that just kept taking a back seat to other features. But, recently we had a customer request to add a Dark theme so we took another look at it. In this short post, I’ll introduce the theming support we added to SOQL Studio, due out in the next maintenance release.

There will be two themes, Light and Dark to choose from. The Light theme, what SOQL Studio has always supported but with some very minor tweaks, will be the default theme. Of course, you will have the option to set your preferred theme through the Options dialog.

Options dialog with new Theme option

We’ve also added the ability to change the theme on-the-fly via a new dropdown menu button on the Tools tab of the ribbon.

Change theme on-the-fly via the Tools tab

The Dark theme maintains the red accent color scheme of the application. Light gray and white backgrounds are replaced with dark gray and black. Text is flipped from black to white and icon colors are modified to make them more visible on the dark background.

SOQL Studio in Dark theme

We hope you like what you see. Drop us a line and let us know what you think. A lot of effort into making the Dark theme a reality and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

More Information

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