SOQL Studio v2022.1 Build 296 Maintenance Release

Today we released a maintenance update to SOQL Studio 2022.1 and made it available for download on our site. As with all of our releases, this one continues our commitment to providing regular enhancements and updates, which includes customer requests, fixes to SOQL Studio and staying current with Salesforce releases.

In this post, I’ll discuss some of the more significant items included in the release, but first here’s the complete list of the enhancements and fixes included:

  • Added support for a dark UI theme in addition to the application default light theme, support for setting a default theme preference, and the ability to switch the current theme on-the-fly
  • Updated the Organizations tool window to use a distinct error icon next to an Org that fails to successfully connect to Salesforce
  • Changed the behavior of the Organizations tool window to keep the expand/collapse button next to an Org visible when the Org fails to load due to an error
  • Implemented automatic message view switching in the Messages tool window that ensures the appropriate view is selected when a message is generated
  • Upgraded to Summer ’22 (API v55)
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an issue that prevented orgs from connecting with a custom domain URL
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Export and Quick Export functions from being disabled when the associated SOQL editor had no query results.  Executing an Export function without query results caused the application to terminate unexpectedly


The most significant enhancement is Theming, specifically the addition of a Dark theme.

SOQL Studio’s Dark Theme

It’s everything you’d expect in a dark theme. As part of creating this theme, we found and fixed up some very minor inconsistencies in our traditional light theme. Both themes are available so you can pick your favorite and set that as your preference. I wrote a dedicated blog post about this feature which you can read here that provides all the details.

The other area we concentrated on was providing better feedback in the UI when an error occurs. We made two complimentary changes in the Organizations tool window. The first is a visual cue via a unique icon that an org was unable to connect to Salesforce. The second was keeping the expander button next to the Org visible so that once the issue that prevented a successful connection is resolved, you can connect as normal without having to “refresh” the org via the context menu. In the screen capture below, org ‘VSS3 OAuth’ failed to connect and sports the new icon. The expander also remains visible so when the issue is corrected, you can just connect as normal.

Organizations Tool Window (Dark Theme)

When an error does occur, the Messages tool window will now automatically switch views to the one appropriate for displaying the message. So if you have the view set to ‘Active Editor’ and an org-based error occurs, such as a failed connection, the view will change to ‘Organization’ so you can see the message. Then when you run a query, the view will change back to ‘Active Editor’ so you can see those messages.

More Information

To learn more about SOQL Studio, visit our website.  If you’ve never tried SOQL Studio, or tried an older version, we encourage you to start a 30-day free trial of SOQL Studio 2022.1 today!

Free Upgrade

Current customers with an active maintenance contract are entitled to a free upgrade.  Login to you account, go to Downloads & Licenses and click the “Request Upgrade” button.  You’ll be emailed a new license for version 2022.1 and you can download the new package right from there.