SOQL Studio Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

SOQL Studio’s editor supports a rich set of edit commands, most of which are only available as keyboard shortcuts. Below is a list of all the commands and their associated keyboard shortcuts. As we add new functionality to the editor, we’ll update this list.

Clipboard Actions

Ctrl + CCopy To Clipboard
Ctrl + InsCopy To Clipboard
Ctrl + XCut To Clipboard
Shift + DelCut To Clipboard
Ctrl + LCut Line To Clipboard
Ctrl + VPaste From Clipboard
Shift + InsPaste From Clipboard
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo
Ctrl + ZUndo

Deletion Actions

Shift + BackspaceBackspace
Ctrl + BackspaceBackspace To Previous Word
Ctrl + Shift + LDelete Line
Ctrl + DelDelete To Next Word

Insertion Actions

EnterInsert Line Break
Shift + EnterInsert Line Break
Ctrl + EnterOpen Line Above
Ctrl + Shift + EnterOpen Line Below

Miscellaneous Actions

Tab Insert Tab Stop Or Indent
Shift + Tab Remove Tab Stop Or Outdent
Ctrl + U Make Lowercase
Ctrl + Shift + U Make Uppercase
Insert Toggle Overwrite Mode
Ctrl + T Transpose Characters
Ctrl + Shift + T Transpose Words
Shift + Alt + T Transpose Lines
Alt + Up Move Selected Lines Up
Alt + Down Move Selected Lines Down
Ctrl + Num+ Zoom In
Ctrl + Num- Zoom Out
Ctrl + 0 Reset Zoom Level

Movement Actions

DownMove Down
UpMove Up
LeftMove Left
RightMove Right
Ctrl + LeftMove To Previous Word
Ctrl + RightMove To Next Word
HomeMove To Line Start
EndMove To Line End
Ctrl + HomeMove To Document Start
Ctrl + EndMove To Document End
Page UpMove Page Up
Page DownMove Page Down
Ctrl + Page UpMove To Visible Top
Ctrl + Page DownMove To Visible Bottom
Ctrl + ]Move To Matching Bracket

Scroll Actions

Ctrl + DownScroll Down
Ctrl + UpScroll Up

Search Actions

Ctrl + FFind
F3Find Next
Ctrl + F3Find Next Selected
Shift + F3Find Previous
Ctrl + Shift + F3Find Previous Selected
Ctrl + HReplace
Ctrl + IIncremental Search
Ctrl + Shift + IReverse Incremental Search

Selection Actions

Shift + DownSelect Down
Shift + UpSelect Up
Shift + LeftSelect Left
Shift + RightSelect Right
Ctrl + Shift + LeftSelect To Previous Word
Ctrl + Shift + RightSelect Block To Next Word
Shift + HomeSelect To Line Start
Shift + EndSelect To Line End
Ctrl + Shift + HomeSelect To Document Start
Ctrl + Shift + EndSelect To Document End
Shift + Page UpSelect Page Up
Shift + Page DownSelect Page Down
Ctrl + Shift + Page UpSelect To Visible Top
Ctrl + Shift + Page DownSelect To Visible Bottom
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + Shift + WSelect Word
Ctrl + Shift + ]Select To Matching Bracket
Shift + Alt + DownSelect Block Down
Shift + Alt + UpSelect Block Up
Shift + Alt + LeftSelect Block Left
Shift + Alt + RightSelect Block Right
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + LeftSelect Block To Previous Word
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + RightSelect Block To Next Word