SOQL Studio v2022.2 Build 301 Maintenance Release

Today we released a maintenance update to SOQL Studio 2022.2 and made it available for download on our site. As with all of our releases, this one continues our commitment to providing regular enhancements and updates, which includes customer requests, fixes to SOQL Studio and staying current with Salesforce releases.

In this post, I’ll discuss some of the more significant items included in the release, but first here’s the complete list of the enhancements and fixes included:

  • Modified the display of a file’s icon and description to remain fully compatible with Windows 11 
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected an issue introduced in the last release that caused the app to crash on Windows 7 and 8 with an “shcore.dll file not found” error
  • Updated the Org filter feature to ensure all instances of the filter term are found
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the app to become unresponsive for about a minute when multiple orgs are fully loaded


This release is primarily about maintenance rather than enhancements. If you’ve used the Organization Filter feature, you may have noticed that it performed inconsistently. This release corrects that issue so that now all filter results are returned and presented.

If you are still using Windows 7 or 8, version 2022.2.300 of SOQL Studio is incompatible and won’t run. This update fixes that issue and restores compatibility. Technology moves on, however, and we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to maintain compatibility in the future, so we are formally announcing that this is the last version of SOQL Studio that will be officially supported on Windows versions prior to Windows 10.

More Information

To learn more about SOQL Studio, visit our website.  If you’ve never tried SOQL Studio, or tried an older version, we encourage you to start a 30-day free trial of SOQL Studio 2022.2 today!

Free Upgrade

Current customers with an active maintenance contract are entitled to a free upgrade.  Login to your account, go to Downloads & Licenses and click the “Request Upgrade” button.  You’ll be emailed a new license for version 2022.2 and you can download the new package right from there.