SOQL Studio 2023: Sneak Peek

The next major version of SOQL Studio is almost upon us and we’ve packed it full of upgrades, updates, fixes and a significant new feature that I want to preview for you in this post. The focus for SOQL Studio 2023 is on providing more schema information than was previously available and organizing it better so you can find answers to your questions right within SOQL Studio rather than having to logon to Salesforce and navigate through Setup.

Fig. 1 – Properties Tool Windows

The Properties tool window has been tweaked to better organize and group properties. We’ve added 19 object-based properties and 25 field-based properties, including the Created and LastModified properties. Most properties that didn’t yet have one now include a description. Figure 1 highlights some of the new properties available for an Sobject.

The Properties tool window is great for answering quick-hit schema questions but not so much for more in-depth analysis. That’s were the new Properties Viewer shines.

Fig. 2 – The new Properties Viewer

The Properties Viewer is a consolidated view of an Sobject’s schema. It is implemented as a tab just like the SOQL Editor and, like the SOQL Editor, you can have multiple viewers open at once. The categories on the left organize the viewer’s presentation of data. Each category let’s you drill down into more detailed information. For example, the Fields category lists all the fields for the Sobject:

Fig. 3 – Properties Viewer Fields List

Click on the field’s label to get detailed property information about that field:

Fig. 4 – Properties Viewer Field Detail

Click the close button in the upper right corner of the field detail panel to return to the fields list.

There are many more updates and fixes coming in SOQL Studio 2023. I’ll talk about these in the release announcement post when SOQL Studio 2023 becomes generally available.

More Information

To learn more about SOQL Studio, visit our website.  If you’ve never tried SOQL Studio, or tried an older version, we encourage you to start a 30-day free trial of the current version of SOQL Studio today!