SOQL Studio 2021 – The Schema Filter

How many times have you had to search for a field because the API Name and the field Label were totally different or you knew part of the field's name but couldn't remember the whole thing? Maybe you just needed to get an idea of the objects that have a particular data point like Product, … Continue reading SOQL Studio 2021 – The Schema Filter

SOQL Studio 2021.2: Sneak Peek

Back in March, we released SOQL Studio 2021 with large functional improvements including OAuth 2.0 authentication and the split-mode editor and a boat load of smaller enhancements and fixes. If you missed it, you can get all the details in our blog post SOQL Studio 2021.1 Major Release. Since then, we have also released a … Continue reading SOQL Studio 2021.2: Sneak Peek

SOQL Studio 2021 Preview

In my last post, I announced that SOQL Studio would provide full support for OAuth in the upcoming SOQL Studio 2021.1 release. This is a huge enhancement that will provide significant value for our current and future customers. In this post, I'm going to talk about some of the other very cool new features that will debut in the 2021.1 release that I also think adds significant value for you.